Pedestrian Safety Tips and Safe Driving Tips

Did you understand that over 5,000 pedestrians die annually in the USA since they are struck by motor vehicles or bikes? To be secure when discussing sidewalks and roads, it is essential to know about your environment. By taking simple steps, you can avoid accidents and possible death.  Some of the most frequent accidents involving cars and pedestrians are due when pedestrians create the following errors:

  • Cross a street, not in the junction (jaywalking).
  • Walk at the street, not the side of the street.
  • Walk at the street in exactly the exact same way as vehicles that are moving.

Learn more about most common with cycling accidents and how to avoid them.

To help stop these mishaps, follow these easy Pedestrian Safety Tips:

  1. BE SEEN: Prevent common traffic risks.
  2. Wait for motorists to stop and make eye contact before crossing a road. Do not presume they visit you.
  3. Cross in a corner or conspicuous walkway, after traffic signs.
  4. Sidewalks are safer than streets but watch for drive traffic.
  5. If there is no pavement, walk on the left side of this road, facing traffic.
  6. Bicyclists must ride with the flow of traffic, rather in marked lanes.
  7. Seem left-right-left before crossing any road, and continue looking until around.
  8. Do not begin crossing in case a red signal is blinking.
  9. When crossing a green light, see in all directions for turning cars.
  10. Set a security flag on a wheelchair, motorized cart or stroller to get visibility.

Sharing people spaces with automobile traffic requires extra attention and Attention by everybody. When everybody is considerate and attentive, it is Secure to go around on foot, cycling, with hooks, in wheelchairs or perhaps via scooters. All of us need to avoid risky situations, and if drivers follow these security tips most of us get where we are going safely!

  1. BE SAFE: slow down, appearance, expect.
  2. Careful driving begins when you turn the ignition key.
  3. Driveways and parking places are poisonous. Pull out gradually, watching on all sides for either pedestrians or some other passers-by.
  4. In Public garages, drive-through companies and business lots, see out For all those on foot or 2 wheels. Look in each management, particularly When they’re crossing sidewalks and marked paths.
  5. Before turning right on red lights, motorists need to stop completely.
  6. Ensure no neighbor, jogger, bicyclist or wheelchair user is crossing or waiting to cross. They possess the right away.
  7. Motorists turning left green lights also have to yield to anybody crossing.

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