Type Of Paintball Weapon For Beginners And Professionals, And Drawing Strategies Playing Paintball

Type of Paintball gun

  1. Electric Paintball Weapons

This electric paintball gun is a professional weapon for those with experience playing paintball. Maybe the price of electric paintball guns is expensive, but this weapon can take you to a high-level paintball game because these electrical paintball guns are fitted with varying shooting modes, very fast response and precise accuracy.

  1. Semi-Automatic Paintball Weapon

Semi-automatic paintball weapons are the result of the development of the gun marker. The difference from semi-automatic paintball guns with marker pistols is the ability of semi-automatic paintball guns that can be used without cocked the weapon. Only throw 1 bullet each shot, but with considerable energy. Semi-automatic weapons are the most widely used models and types of paintball guns used in today’s paintball fighting venues. In addition to the more affordable weapons prices are also more suitable for an ordinary game means to find entertainment and fun.

All kinds of paintball guns give a different flavor to each game. Recognize each type of weapon and also know what kind of weapons are prohibited. If you follow a paintball game by using the wrong weapon, then you may not be allowed to play. You can visit “Best paintball gun” to find best paintball gun information.

Here are some things you should know and make sure you understand these things before you buy a paintball gun.

  1. For Whom Do You Buy Paintball Weapons?

Do you buy paintball guns for yourself? Beginner or professional player?

Amateur players will be better with paintball guns that are less complicated and less sophisticated. Experienced players may not have the knowledge to make improvements if their weapons are having problems.

As for professional players, they will choose weapons according to the needs they have understood and the results of their experience.

  1. What is your position in the game?

Each game and formation has different game styles for paintball rifles. Do your position and your game style require an electronic weapon and have a loader to increase the strength of the weapon?

Or are you the type of player who likes to spend most of your time waiting to get the perfect shot goal? There are many paintball guns that are designed for certain styles and different positions.

  1. Is wind pump pressure important for your paintball guns?

Anyone who has just entered the world of paintball war games must be confused to answer this question. Paintball guns are powered by CO2 or High-Pressure Air (HPA) power. This weapon is a more common weapon and is the most sold paintball gun on the market using the main driving force of CO2. However, there are some weapons that require HPA to run well (knowing this is very important).

If your pistol was originally tailored to work using HPA, it will still be usable if using CO2 but may damage the paintball gun and automatically damage the weapon structure. So make sure that you really understand your paintball guns and understand your gun description. It is also very important that you read the manual before purchasing any weapon.


Most people know that before starting any activity should start from the fun of the activity. If you’ve got fun on an activity you did, you’ve won the game. However, if you want more competition in playing paintball, this guide will show you how to master and how to win a paintball game.

  1. Working as a team. Good paintball players are team players who can work well together, good coordination and cooperation can lead you to victory.
  2. Select each role while playing and master the role. adjust to your interests so you like to be a machine gunner. or you want to move quickly from place to place, try to master the tactics of guerrilla warfare and do hit and run tactics or you want to be a sniper who dwells in one place and shoots, trying to master accuracy and become a sniper.
  3. Coordinate with your team, and use different maneuvers to win the game.
  4. Learn to use your weapons effectively. If you prefer a sniper role, learn how to fire effectively and find tricks in every game. If you prefer the role of a machine-gunner, learn how to shoot to knock your opponent as much as possible as a breaking attacker.
  5. Patience and keeping your mind open for tactics. Organize plans and strategies and communicate with all team members to make your winning strategy for your team. Also, prepare for a backup plan or slightly alter your strategy in certain circumstances.

Recognize the terrain you play. Learn and discover the benefits you can get.

  1. Try to teach tactics to others. With you teaching others faster you will find flaws and fix flaws in your tactics.
  2. Connect and communicate with many other paintball players off the field. To learn tactics and strategies, along with skills and ideas about playing paintball games.

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