Various Types of Boats and Their Uses

Rubber boat or often called Rubber boat is a boat made of rubber material that can be deflated if not in use and developed again with the pump at the time will be in use. Rubber boats are very flexible and easy to carry anywhere. Rubber boats are suitable for rafting activities because they are quite stable if they are on water. There are several types of rubber boats including Landing Craft rubber boats and Oval rubber boats.

Rubber boats with type Landing Craft is one type of special rubber boats for rafting. Rubber boats with a strong design and made of quality materials, widely used in European countries. Because the characteristics of the rivers that exist in the country including the type of river with a very heavy stream, then the rafting required a strong and strong rubber boat. Due to the need for the quality of this boat that must be strong and resistant to the swift current, the type of boat rafting like Landing Craft price is relatively quite expensive because the quality of this boat is also strong.

Rubber boats with type Oval is an oval-shaped rubber boat with a special design that is on the bow and the strait shaped slightly sticking out that the boat is able to maintain the stability of the position in the current through the swift. Oval type rubber boats are often used in rafting in Indonesia, the price is relatively affordable. There are two types of oval rafting boats that are Non Bailing Floor and Self Bailing Floor type. Non-Self Bailing Floor is a type of rubber boat that is not equipped with special drainage holes. While the boat Oval with the type of Self Bailing Floor is a special rubber boat equipped with water drain holes. Rubber boats are widely used is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or often called synthetic rubber and the price is relatively affordable.

But be careful in choosing a rubber boat for comfort and safety. Here we will review the cheapest and cheapest inflatable boats you can use to relax in lakes, fishing, natural disaster (flood), cruising, or rafting.

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Some kind of Inflatable Boat you need to know.

  1. RIBs or RHIBs. This type of boat is made with a strong material. That’s why this type of boat is used rescue teams and adventure teams. This type of boat can be used for all kinds of water sports, sea adventure, fishing, and exploration. It should be stored in the truck or left on water because this boat can not be folded.

  1. Inflatable sports boat is a boat for the waters of the swift. The floor of the boat is made of material that is not slippery to keep passengers slipping because the boat wobbled by the waves. Know the advantages and disadvantages of each before you buy. This boat can be folded and can be placed on a small truck. This type of boat is widely used for many water sports, sea adventures such as fishing and traveling on water.

  1. Dinghies Small inflatable is usually used in lakes and rivers. Dinghies inflatable can be folded, roll-up. The inflatable dinghies are designed to have a light weight so that they can easily be stored. The smallest weighs about 25kilo. This boat can be carried in a small car. Suitable enough for fishing in the waters with calm streams and streams.

  1. Inflatable super portable kayak boats that are fast expanding, and easier to paddle than other inflatables. Very good as a light boat and can be used along with similar boats and along long river rivers and with calm currents. This type of boat is easy to carry in the trunk of the car. Like all other types of inflatables. Small size limits the carrying capacity of kayaking. Usually only enough for 2 people. It’s easier to move with the power of a paddle.

  1. Inflatable pontoon boat commonly used by water sportsmen. This type of boat is small, only for one person and can be used down a small river. Pontoon ships make you not too high from the water, so you must be ready to get waves when using this boat or you should choose to use this boat in lakes or waters with calm water.

Rubber boats are indeed a must-have for archipelago government and rescue teams as well as for military and corporate members who have business in the oceans or waters used to navigate waters with strong currents and wide enough. Its use is not only special in the event of natural disasters, but also for water transportation facilities, even for military purposes and companies that have business in the water area.

Rubber boats are also now not only limited role or its use in the evacuation of victims, but at this time it is often used as a recreational media. recreation using this rubber boat called rafting.

For people or enthusiasts of adrenaline test, it would be very challenging to feel how strong the current in every headwaters of the river. Rubber boats are also widely owned by every house where the occupants are very concerned with the safety factor and especially for those who live in areas prone to floods.

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